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When you’re looking to buy any game table you can determine the quality of the table by the manufacturer it came from. Most manufacturers make their tables with consistent quality so if they have a reputation for their good quality it’s most likely going to show in all of their products. Here are some of the top poker table manufacturers.

BBO Poker Tables

BBO is a company that started in 2006 but has made a big name for itself in the short time that it’s been a company. In 2017, BBO actually purchased another large poker table manufacturing company ProCaliber who was known for their customization options.

Starting off, BBO was mainly known for their quality but also known for their lack of options which is very important to the poker community since in all reality poker tables are really just tables. Since buying out ProCaliber, they’ve been making customized tables that include drawers, LED light designs, and an array of options to cater to any customer’s specifications.

Here's a table that is available for customization or can be bought with the classic look. It comes with 10 steal cup holders which is the amount of space available for a regulation sized poker table. Features include LED strip lights.

Regal Poker Tables

Regal caters to many different casinos around the world as well as homes. In fact, they are one of the most popular manufacturers for professional poker players because of their consistent quality and their amazing customer service.

Regal prides themselves on their ability to help out their customers in any way necessary. Their tables are built in ways that make it easy for customers to repair or replace certain parts while most manufacturers like to keep things complicated. These parts come with a list of detailed instructions that make what seem like the hardest tasks bearable.

Because Regal is so well known and their quality products require quality materials their prices are going to run a little high. However, if you’re looking for a table that will last you a lifetime with a company that will provide you with any parts necessary to keep it in good shape then Regal will probably be a good choice.

Pharaoh Poker Tables

Pharaoh is a company that produces poker tables, billiard tables, office furniture, and game room accessories. They’ve been in business for 20 years and make all of their products in California. This high end table manufacturer is known for their outstanding quality and their accommodations for every customer.

Pharaoh specializes in customization. Because their goal is to provide for you your dream game room they will customize all types of products in many different designs. From solid woods to marble their poker tables will give you all that you ask of them and more. All of their products are hand-made  at their location in California.


Because cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad quality, I’ll provide you with a more cost friendly option. Cheaper tables are more than likely going to be fold up tables which is great if you’re not looking for a piece of art but just something to take out of the closet once in a while.

ESPN has a line of good quality poker tables that range from $150-$300. The tables on the higher end of the cost spectrum have features like LED lights and are made out of strong metal materials. Their cheaper selections tables have the same quality but don’t have as many fancy features to them. They’re a good choice if you’re looking for a table that will provide some casino atmosphere but without paying for it.

Here's a table that is available for less than $300. It is easily stored away because of the foldable legs, comes with 10 spots, and LED strip lights. Players would have to take turns dealing with this table.

Ram Game Room

If you already have a poker table but want to add some personal game room accessories then Ram Game Room is a good company to check out. They are a company based in Canada that specializes in game room accessories as well as outdoor patio accessories.

There line of game room furniture range from a large selection of table lights to full bars in a ton of different styles. Ram Game Room provides the best customer service catering to any and all needs.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat provides a wide variety of game tables that mostly made for commercial use. If you’re looking for a cheap table that’s going to last you a long while then a Fat Cat poker table might be worth looking in to.

A lot of their tables are combination tables (tables that can be transformed into a different type of game table) which makes them even more economically friendly. Of course if you’re looking for a fancier poker table then you’ll want to go to one of the more expensive manufacturers but Fat Cat tables will work just as well.

Related Questions:

What is the Official Casino Size of a Poker Table?

There really isn’t an official size for a poker table. They are made in different shapes and sizes depending on how many players are allowed in a game. Their length ranges from 92-104 inches while their width typically stays at a constant 44 inches.

What Fabric is Used on Poker Tables?

There are two main types of poker table cloth. The first one is micro suede which is the material that comes with your table. This cloth give the dealer more grip on the cards which isn’t good because you want it to slide to the players. It easily soaks up liquid which is bad when a spill occurs and won’t last you for a long time.

The second type of cloth is called suited speed cloth. It’s called speed cloth because of its amazing ability to slide cards across its surface at long distances. The material is soak proof which is almost necessary for casino tables. It will last a lot longer than the other micro suede material.

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