The Best Table Tennis Tables

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A table tennis table can be quite the investment. The best table tennis tables are solid, stable, and thick. After much research, and trial and error, I have narrowed down which tables are the best as well as a comprehensive insight in what makes a table tennis exceptional. 

  1. Table Thickness - The thicker the more even bounce you'll get all over the table. If the table is too thin then the surface is too flexible and soft and you'll get uneven bounce all over the table. 
  2. Portability & Storage - A lot of people don't have the space to have a ping pong table out at all times. So a good table should be easy to store, take up the least amount of space, and easy to take apart. 
  3. Quality of Materials- The quality of the frame and net quality will contribute to your game play. 
  • Thickness: 1" (25 mm) wood 
  • Weight: 275lbs 
  • Storage Dimensions: 60" x 55" x 6"
  • Play back position: YES
  • Made in Germany
    ITTF Approved


  • Pro competition level table
  • 25+ mm top: thicker the top that produces an exceptional bounce and provides durability 
  • Safe table with release lever 
  • Strong 2" square steel legs with 4" large rubber with meaning smooth moving
  • Super compact 2 piece fold and roll design
  • ITTF Approved Competition Table


  • Heavy  Table 
  • Expensive 

Why is this the number one pick?  The Butterfly Octet is the ITTF approved table made of very high quality materials. Not only does it have one of the thickest table tops at 1" (25mm) wood it also is extremely great for storage, making it great for clubs and your game space for when you just want to set up for table tennis. It is the best table for serious table tennis players that want to practice with a table used in clubs, sports centers, schools, ITTF events. 

  • The main feature is the 25+ top. This top is consistent and reliable for all bounces and topspin and backspin shots. It reduces skid and is protected by a strong steel frame with magenta corner pieces while being supported by a heavy duty undercarriage. 
  • Made for portability and storage! The Butterfly octet is one of the few 1" high end tables that offer play back position where you can play against yourself. The table divides into two halves can be made for so

2. Joola Tour 2500 (Best Buy) 

  • Thickness: 1" (25 mm) 
  • Weight 250 lbs
  • Storage Dimensions: 24.5" x 62.25" x 64"
  • Color: Blue
  • Playback mode: YES
  • Made in China
    USATT Approved Table


  • Affordable
  • Great for Beginners
  • Lighter and easier to move
  • four wheels over time
  • Table is 95% pre-assembled


  • Ability to hold up over time 

One of the most affordable but high quality tables on the market. It has a 1" MDF painted surface with a 50mm metal frame and a 50x50mm undercarriage.  This table is perfect table the bridges the gap between the recreational and professional table.s 

  • Heavy duty surface. The multilayer paint prevents chipping and warping  which creates the best surface for consistent ball bounce and fast gameplay. 
  • Competition grade at more affordable price. The Joola Tour 2500 is one the the most affordable tables with high quality net and thickness at 1". 

3. Butterfly Club 25 (Convenient) 

  • Thickness: 1" (25 mm) wood 
  • Weight: 265 lbs 
  • Storage Dimensions: 61" x 72" x 26"
  • Color: Blue
  • Playback position: YES
USATT Approved


  • USATT Approved 
  • Don't have to remove the net for storage
  • Strong Steel Frame
  • 1" wood top 


  • Expensive

The Butterfly Club 25 is constructed with 1" wood table top with matte blue finish. The table is fold able and be rolled away on the four 4" ball bearing wheels for storage. 

  • Store without moving net: This table is stored away or put into a playback position without having to remove the net.  
  • Strong steel frame: It's a one piece design with height adjustment that lets you play on a level playing surface. The rail and rim are 1" and 1/2" strong steel with large 4" locking rubber wheels. 

4. Cornilleau 740 ITTF 

  • Thickness: 1"  (25mm) high density chipboard playing surface sill SKILTOP
  • Weight: 257 lbs
  • Storage Dimensions: 62"H x 74" W x 30" D
  • Playback Mode: YES
ITTF Approved

The Cornilleau is a competition level table with a 25mm panel and SKIL TOP coating. The coating guarantees the optimal speed and helps delivers exceptional performances. 

  • Fixed net post: The ITTF posts are fixed permanently to the  table. This can help you save time in installation. The height of the net can still be adjusted without affecting the tension of the net.  
  • Wheel Chair Play: The leg on the Cornilleau is designed to accommodate wheelchair play. 

5. Donic Waldner Premium 30 (Thickest Table) 

  • Thickiness: 1.18" (30mm) Wood 
  • Weight: 313 lbs
  • Storage Dimensions: 64" x 63" x 26" 
  • Playback mode: YES

Donic Waldner Table is a table tennis table with one of the thickest table tops which will give you the perfect consistency bounce of the ball. 

  • 30mm Surface: one of the thickness tables out there. Perfect constant bounce of the ball. 
  • Easy to store with strong frame. It has a 2.4" Steel frame making it one of the thickest frame as well as the thickest tops. 

6. Butterfly Personal Rollaway Table (Best Family Recreation Room) 

  • Thickness: 3/4" (19mm) wood 
  • Weight: 170 lbs
  • Storage Dimensions: 74" x 71" x 25"
  • Color: Green
  • Playback mode: YES
  • Has accessory for storage 

The Butterfly Personal Rollaway is the highest performance tables at it's mid tier price range. Perhaps the greatest value in the line of playback tables. Large 5" double wheels, partnered with the side beams and 1 1/2" steel rim, provide for the highest level of performance in this price-range. Legs are indented from the ends and sides of the table

  • Accessory side for Storage: It's nice to have a place to put your paddle and balls especially in a recreational room. There is an accessory holder that stores the rackets and balls and it is attached to the side of the table. 
  • Two safety levers: it on each side of the table for an effective child safety feature. 

7. Joola Clima (BEST outdoor and indoor)

  • Thickness:  9/10" (22mm)
  • Weight: 132 lbs 
  • Storage Dimensions: 19" x 67" x 60"
  • Yes playback mode

So far we've only covered indoor tables since most outdoor tables have super thin table tops which means the bounce is not going to be as high and the game would not be as fast. The Joola Clima fixes that with its 22mm table top. The reason it is on its list is the versatility of the table. 

  • Weather proof: the table is made of aluminum table top at 22 mm which is one of the thickest outside tables you can get. 
  • Portable: The lightest table on this list at 132, this table is great for going indoor and outdoor. 

8. STIGA Advantage Competition-Ready Indoor Table Tennis Table (BEST Recreational class table ) 

  • Thickness: 3/5" (16mm) 
  • Weight: 189 pounds
  • Storage Dimensions: 60" x 28" x 64"
  • Play back position: YES

Now not everyone can drop $1000 on a table tennis table. So for part time recreational players or beginners on a budget the Stiga advantage is a great table to go with. 

  • Quick and easy set up: the table is easy to set up and is easy to use and put together.
  • Affordable and competition level table: the STIGA has a 72" Tournament grade net and post set.

What to Consider when picking out a Table Tennis Table:

These are all the factors considered when making this list. We'll be going through each of these. With an understanding of what to consider with picking out a table tennis table you can better figure out what to look for when picking them out. 

  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Tables
  • Budget categories of tables
  • Table thickness 
  • Rollaway or stationary? 
  • Playback mode
  • Frame and Legs 
  • Additional features to consider
  • ITTF approved Tables

What's the difference between indoor or outdoor table?

Indoor tables cannot be used outdoors because they cannot get wet. So there are outdoor tables for table tennis. The main issue with outdoor tables is that a lot of them are stationary, more expensive, but bad for practicing on because the table top is too thin (generally 5mm - 7mm). Where you generally want 19-30mm for high quality tables.

For this reason the bulk of the tables in this best table tennis list is indoor tables. Unless you are planning for an outdoor table only, generally avoid it and get indoor. 

Here's a table with a breakdown of the indoor and outdoor tables: 





Particle Board/ wood



12mm - 25mm + 

3.5mm - 7 mm 



Generally Stationary



Sturdier frames


Higher Bounce

Lower Bounce



More expensive

Competition class - High End- Tournament level and Tennis clubs: these are competition tables with surface thicker than 3/4" (22mm or 25mm). These are improved by USATT and/or ITTF and used in tournaments. 

Rollaway or stationary? 

Though stationary tables are more stable than rollaway tables. Unless you have ample space for stationary table with a permanent set up and  want a super high end competition table, it's recommended to go for rollaway table. Generally with rollaway, the larger the wheels the better. The larger the wheels the easier it is to move the Table Tennis table around.  All of the  tables in the list is rollaway because it is more functional for majority of spaces. Also rollaway setups let you have play back option (where you can play against yourself). 

Playback Mode: 

This is when tables allow you to left one side of the table. The table is vertical and let you practice alone. It's great feature and popular with beginners and children.

Strength of the Frame

Frames are generally 30mm to 60mm (1"-2.5") thick. The legs need to be strong enough so the weight of the table. A table with large legs and lots of thickness is great for support and quality. The only downside of it is that it does add weight to the final table. 

Additional features to consider: 

  • How easy is the net to take off?
  • How easy is the table to fold up and how much room to they take up in storage? 
  • Net adjustment - net height
  • Corner protectors (keeps people from hurting themselves on the edge of the table) 
  • Cover racket holders (keeps everything neat and tidy, a place for balls and rackets) 
  • Ball dispenser 
  • Wheels with safety brakes 
  • Adjustable legs for unleveled surfaces
  • Storage size ( especially when storing more than one table) 

What is a table tennis table competition grade? 

The following tables are approved by International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF): 

  • Butterfly - Centrefold, Centrefold 25, Centrefold 25 Sky, Europa, Europa 25, Europa 25 Sky, Octet, Octet 25
  • Cornilleau - 850 Wood ITTF, 740 ITTF, 640 ITTF, 610 ITTF, 540 ITTF, PARK, 540 M Crossover, 510 M Outdoor, 700 M Crossover, 500 M Crossover, 400 M Crossover, 300 S Crossover, 250 S Crossover, 150 S Crossover, 100 Crossover, 500 Indoor, 250 Indoor, 100 Indoor
  • DHS - T 2024 Regent
  • Donic - Compact, Delhi, Delhi 25, Delhi SLC, Persson 25, Persson Classic 22, Waldner Classic 25, Waldner Highschool, Waldner SC, World Championship TC
  • JOOLA - 2000-S, 3000-SC, Duomat, Rollomat, Showroom, World Cup S
  • Kettler - Baltic, Champ 3.0, Champ 5.0, Classic, Magnum/Master Pro, Master Pro, Match 3.0, Match 5.0, Match Pro, Narvik, Nordkap/Stockholm, Riga Pro, Riga Pro/Sven Champion, Top Star XL, Top Star XL/Garden XL
  • Stiga - Competition, Expert, Expert Roller, Expert Roller CSS, Optimum 30, Premium Compact
  • Tibhar - Smash 28, Smash 28/R, Smash 28/SC, Top


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