The Best Air Hockey Tables

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Hockey tables come in various sizes and a variety of options. It can be pretty hard to pick out which hockey table is best for your space. Sizes ranges from full size for an arcade or a recreational room or smaller size that can fit on a table top. 

So what qualities should you look for when buying a Air Hockey table? 

  1. Fan Blower: A good quality air hockey table comes with the motor or a blower about 110 V. The blower keeps the puck moving through the entire match. Hockey tables comes with larger motors or even without a blower. 
  2. Score Board: Recently there are models with an electronic scoreboard that keeps track of the score the moment you start. Cheaper models comes with a manual sliding system. 
  3. Leg levelers: a lot of basement floors are not absolutely flat. That's why it is so important to make sure to buy a table with leg levels that can keep the table straight on hardwood, carpet, or uneven surfaces. Keeping the table flat is important so that it will keep the table from wobbling during the match. 
  4. Design and graphic: Hockey Table varies in design. Tables with more traditional ice hockey arena will improve your experience because they are more realistic. 

  • Blower: Constant UL Blower, no dead spots! 
  • Dimensions: 84" x 48" x 32"inches  
  • Weight: 136.6 lbs 
  • Scoring: Automatic Scoring and sound system with light up goal. A forward goal design that is similar to real hockey 
  • Accessories: 4 hocks and 4 pushes, includes built in accessory storage. Beverage holder in each corner 



Sports team Design

Beverage Holder

Has accessory Storage for all playing pieces 

Light Up Goal

Design limited to handful of teams

Non Traditional Goal

The NHL Air Power Hockey table is a scratch resistant table that is great for long lasting authentic hockey experience. There is an automatic scoring sound systems that help keep track of the action and bring the game to life. This is a great quality table for recreational play and for hockey fans. 

  • Blower: Constant UL Blower, no dead spots! 
  • Dimensions: 83.75 x 41.75 x 30 inches  
  • Weight: 149 lbs 
  • Scoring: Abacus 
  • Accessories: 2 Mallets and 4 Pucks 



Tournament Approved Table

Strong and Sturdy Base

Sleek Design

Quality Materials

Manual Non electric Score Keeper

There are hundreds of air hockey tables on the market you can choose from but I want to let you know that you can’t go wrong with the Brunswick. It also comes with the Constant UL Blower that blows the air on the puck. Other tables on the market will force you to hit the puck to keep it moving, but this motor will do it instead of you so you can play the most intense matches.

  • Dimensions: 80 x 42 x 32
  • Weight: 125.4
  • Scorer: LED Electronic scorer with stadium sound effects
  • Leveler: 5 inch leg levelers allow for a level and stable playing surface
  • Accessories: 2 Mallets and 2 Pucks 



Has light up sides

Reinforced Legs with 5" Leg Levers

Premium UV Coating 

Scratch Resistant High Gloss Top

Sounds can be loud and annoying

The MD Sports Air hockey table has a modern look with high gloss playfield with stunning cool stadium graphics. 

  • Dimensions: 86 x 50 x 11.6 inches
  • Weight: 155 lbs
  • Scorer: Digital Score 
  • Leveler: Yes



Traditional Score Board

Easy to assemble

Modern Design

Great Airflow and Sound Effects

Not the Strongest Legs

The Atomic Blazer table model is equipped with everything necessary for the game. The table is equipped with a powerful compressor that pumps air through the holes on the playing field, which significantly increases the speed of the puck.

Made of high-strength materials, the Atomic Blazer is not afraid of damage and minor scratches.  There is a thin rail around the playing surface so you can use it to perform bank shots so you can surprise your rival and score. The rail also prevents the puck from falling off the playing field which is great.

  • Dimensions: 84 x 48 x 21 inches
  • Weight: 141 lbs
  • Scorer: LED Scorer 
  • Leveler: Yes



Multiple Size Options

Drinks with Builtin Cup Holders

Sturdy Leg Corner Caps for Safety

Imitates Arcade game play with LED scroing

Buggy Electronics

The air hockey field of the game layout of this model is made of sturdy laminated chipboard. During the game, powerful compressor blows air, this provides the opportunity for the puck to fly with great speed. The legs of the table are equipped with jacks. which allow you to set the table perfectly smoothly on all surfaces.

The electronic score counter will help you to watch over the course of the game. Game time is programmable using the touch control panel. 

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