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Standard Shuffleboard Table Dimensions Explained

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Recently I first played my game of shuffleboard at a bar. The table was super long. I went to another bar and saw one that was half the size. That got me curious about the size of Shuffleboard tables. So I did some digging and this is what I found out. 

So how what is the standard table dimension?

The regulation size shuffleboard is 22 feet in length and 20 inches wide and average height of 30 inches. 

Shuffleboard tables are available from 8 feet to 22 feet in length. Shuffleboards can be made from 8 ft to 22 ft in 2 foot increments so there are a lot of sizes to pick from. When picking out your Shuffleboard table you need to consider how much room you have available that is free of obstructions.

The best length to get is 22 feet, but in most cases this is not possible.

Why is 22 ft shuffleboard table not possible for most set up? Well, most doors are 32” x 80” and if you have to go up the stairs, get around corners, or go up the elevator, you will not have enough clearance to get your solid table up in one piece.

Hardcore shuffleboard players always have a hard time making room for their shuffleboard table at home or in their basement. There are some other things for consideration when deciding which shuffleboard table best fits their space.  

How much room do you need for a shuffleboard table? 

Generally you want to have at least a 2 feet clearance on all sides of the table. That means if you have a regulation size table you should have space of 24 feet and about 4 feet that is free of obstructions. The optimal clearance is 4 ft on each side, but with the length of the table in mind this is not always possible. If you don’t have enough room with the clearance, it’s always better to go with a smaller size shuffleboard table.

Which Shuffleboard size is best for me? 

  •  9 -12 ft Small recreational Tables: They are perfect for homes and apartments. This is also a good option for bars that may want to add multiple shuffleboard table. They are also more budget friendly options.
  • 14-16 ft Medium Length Shuffleboard table: These are still recreational but for more serious players that have the space for this. Also with tables like this you can use faster waxes and players have a chance for little more room for creative shots. These tables are also heavier and take more space and longer to assemble.
  • 18-22 ft Full Length Shuffleboard table: These tables are fine features with high quality hardwoods. This is where you can really test your abilities. They are several hundred pounds and require a group of people to install and assemble.

What happens to a shuffleboard table when there is a drastic change in temperature? 

Extreme changes in temperatures can cause your table to bow or wrap, which will mess with fair game play. So to avoid this, you need to keep a consistent temperature and avoid extreme temperatures and fluxuations. However, if temperature is a potential problem you can get climatic adjusters for your table.

How often do I need to wax my shuffleboard table? 

Only once every few months. A routine using wax silicone spray, glaze and then powder is recommended. This will help keep your shuffle table in great shape so your pucks and glide smoothly.

How do I maintain shuffleboard table?

Shuffleboards are built to last a lifetime. However, to maintain the quality of the tables some minor maintenance is required. It’s recommended that a shuffleboard table should be cleaned once every month to prevent build up of old wax or silicone spray. The silicone shuffleboard spray will keep the surface slick and will cut down the amount of wax you need to apply. Specialized shuffleboard wipes are available. You can also use just a paper towel and non-bleach based cleaner for the table.

Related questions: 

What’s the size of a shuffleboard puck? 

Standard shuffleboard pucks are 2 ¼ to 2 5/16 inches wide.

What is shuffleboard sand? 

Shuffleboard sand is a special type of stand made for shuffleboard tables. It is also known as wax, sawdust, salt, powder, and silicone, and sand. It’s normally just tiny silicone or plastic balls that help the puck glide smoothly across the play surface on the shuffleboard. This not only protects the surface but also lessens the friction on the surface creating a smoother shuffleboard table.

How big is a shuffleboard table playfield size and thickness? 

Traditional shuffleboard tables are 3” thick. This thickness takes into account enough material for stable playing and for sanding so your table can be refinish as needed.

What is the surface of a shuffleboard table made of? 

Shuffleboards table surfaces can be made of multiple surfaces. They are smooth and shiny playing fields made of a variety of durable woods. The surface needs to be durable because tables are often damaged by dropped pucks and high impact during the game. Some popular and common surfaces are Poplar, North american Maple Wood, White Maple, Russian Birch, Soft Maples, and Canadian soft maples. If you are looking for the best then maple, birch, oak, and mahogany are the way to go. A solid hardwood surface is best because they are most resilient when getting dent, dings, and other accidental damage.

What’s the difference between polymer and traditional shuffleboard table finishes?

Polymer epoxy finishes are poured on top of the table. It helps prevent air bubbles from forming on the table. It’s also important because the pump will damage and crack the finish if there are any imperfections in the surface.Polymer surfaces are so strong that they are great even if they are coated on soft maple. They are ¼” thick.

Polymer finishes are better than the traditional lacquers and shellacs.

Traditional surfaces such as lacquers and shellacs wear out within 3-4 years and do not have the same level of durability as refined polymer resins.

How often does the shuffleboard playfield have to be refinished?  

If it is used regularly it should never be refinished. The only time you should refinish a table is when the table has unexpected damage or abuse.

Can you put a shuffleboard table outside? 

If you have an outdoor shuffleboard table, you can. It’s an upgrade to do that

Can you reuse shuffleboard powder? 

Reusing the shuffleboard powder can damage your playfield and will certainly slow your game. There’s also dirt and impurities and accompanies a reused product. New silicone powder is perfectly round. Once the pucks keeps riding on top of them the silicone powder becomes jagged and imperfect. That’s why reusing the powder will slow down your game.

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