Regulation Air Hockey Table Dimensions

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With all my game room interests, I need to consider a lot of things pretty carefully when adding a new table game to my rec-room. I am currently looking into hockey tables and found that there are a wide variety of sizes. Since I want to partake in air hockey tournaments, I wanted to figure out what the regulation air hockey table size was. 

So what is the regulation air hockey table size?

Regulation size air hockey tables are 99 ½ “ L x 51 ¼” W x 31” H. Full size tables are 90 inches in length and 50 inches in width.

In order to fit a full size air hockey table in a room, it's best to have at least a 10ft by 7ft open area to work with. A good general rule with air hockey tables is to leave an extra length of 2 to 3 feet of space at each end of the table. 

My Favorite regulation size tables are from the TradeWind series made by Performance Games. Admittedly these are not the cheapest tables around, but in my opinion they are worth ever cent!

Two of my more mainstream top picks when looking for a regulation size air hockey table are the Brunswick Windchill and the Harville Beachcomber.

When picking out regulation air hockey tables, there are a bunch of other things that need to be considered if you want to get the most bang for your buck. We'll discuss several of those here in this article and if you want to see our picks for the best air hockey tables, you can see those in this post... Best Air Hockey Tables

What are other sizes of air hockey table? 

  • Tables around 2 feet: Also known as table top tables, these small tables are a great choice for small children and amateurs. A great option for a set up with limited space. These tables can be easily folded ans stored away after use. These tables are inexpensive.  
  • Tables around 4-6 feet: Most indoor hockey tables fall into this size. They are a great choice for recreational purposes and for all ages and family fun. 
  • Tables sizes around 7-8 feet. This is a standard tournament size air hockey table. It's the best size that delivers the highest quality of playing experience. Because of the size, these tables are the most expensive of the sizes. A lot of arcade style hockey tables are this size. Though great for practice and fun, arcade style air hockey tables are not used in professional leagues. 

What is an air hockey table rink made of?

Air hockey rink walls (the edges of the table that keep the puck on the table) are either made of strong nylon or solid aluminum. These two materials are best for the rebound of the puck and give the best deflection. These materials are extremely durable and less likely to dent or scratch. 

The rink walls (also known as side rails) are the part of the table that will experience and endure the most abuse and hitting from the players. Since this is one of the most abused part of your air hockey table, it is best to avoid poor quality rinks. Rinks with thin layers of laminated aluminum will not last. That is why it is important to look for solid aluminum and/or strong nylon. 

How thick is an air hockey table? 

For the best performance, look for air hockey tables with at least 3/4 inches of thickness.  The thicker the table surface the higher quality the table. The thickness of the table top will help determine how smooth and flat the table is. The smoother and flatter it is the smoother the play. 

How much can an air hockey table weigh? 

Since air hockey tables come in many different sizes they also can vary in weight. They can weigh anywhere from 10 pounds to 350 pounds. Often times a heavier table means a better quality the table.

Heavier air hockey tables usually translate to heavy duty materials and parts, thicker table tops, and a powerful motor. Lighter tables are generally cheaper, but also more portable and great introductory units for beginners. 

Related Questions: 

What is an air hockey table striker? 

A striker is also called a goalie, paddle, or mallet. The striker is a handle with a flat surface that lies flush on the surface of the table. Maybe the easiest explanation is this... it's what you hit the puck with!

We actually have an article here that explains the best way to hold an air hockey mallet. Be sure to check it out.

What is a centerline in the Air Hockey Table?

The centerline is a horizontal line that halves the Air Hockey table. Think of it as the half-court line on a basketball court or the net on a tennis court. When playing games, players can only strike a puck which is on their respective side of the table. 

How much should air hockey mallets weigh?

Air hockey mallets have no minimum weight rules. Competitive air hockey however, dictates that it should weigh 6 oz or less. The heavier a mallet the more force and speed you can get behind your shots.

Why is my air hockey table slow? 

Most likely, a dirty surface. Dust is the enemy of the air hockey table. Dust can cause drag on the puck, meaning the puck does not glide as it should. This will interfere with game play and slow it down.

Dirt and dust can also block the air holes on the table. The air holes help with the glide of the puck. If the holes are plugged then you will experience dead areas on your table where the puck will stop moving.

Things on the table can also cause the puck to bump and jump up. This will cause pucks to fly off the table, which also ends and ruins a game. This not only makes your puck fly but also can chip your playing surface and ruin your table top.

Why are some pucks large and others small?

It really depends on the size of the table and the brand where the puck comes from. The cheaper the table the smaller the blower motor therefore the pucks needs to be lighter in order to float on the table.  

Small pucks and tables are ideal for children or young teens. If the pucks are too small and hit too hard the pucks will fly off the table. So for older players it's better to use a larger puck with a larger table.

For regulation play, be sure to check out our article on the regulation air hockey puck size.

What's a boomerang air hockey table versus regular air hockey table?

There are two shapes of air hockey tables. There is a regular air hockey table where the goals are set up like a regular hockey rink with two goals on the opposite end.

There is also what's called a boomerang air hockey table. Boomerang tables are great space savers. The goals are on the same end and both players stand at the same side of the of the table and hit pucks against the opposite wall, hitting it off to get into their opponent's goal. Boomerang tables are less common.

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