How to Wax a Shuffleboard Table

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Shuffleboard table is my to go game at the local bar. I noticed between games that a bar employee sometimes goes and does some maintenance on the table. That got me thinking, how do you take care of a shuffleboard table and how to wax it. I did some research and asking and this blog post will cover what I found.

So do you wax a shuffleboard table?

1. Cleaning your table (done about 1-3 times a month depending on frequency of use)  To apply a new wax to shuffleboard table you first need to clean your shuffleboard table. By using either a shuffleboard brush or a soft towel, you first need to push away all the existing used up wax on the table. Depending on the type of table you have how you clean your table varies:

  • Polymer Finish Tables: Once this is done you can use an all purpose spray or glass cleaner to remove all the dirt. The spray should be spread across evenly on the surface before wiped away. 
  • Traditional wood table: You can clean the table with your own spray of ¼ cup of vinegar with a few drops of  high quality oil (olive oil or liquid wax jojoba). Use just enough water to keep the towel damp with the vinegar solution. This combination is great for your table. The vinegar breaks down dirt from the table and the oil is good lubrication that prevents the wood from drying out. 

2.  For wood tables only: Use a high quality furniture wax and towel buff the table (few times a month). This is for the table, this wax is not the same as the Shuffleboard wax. Apply the wax on the wood table while gently buffing with a dry towel.

3. Silicone Spray: Silicone spray helps increase game-play and speed. It also helps seal the wax. The spray may slide right off the first time, but will improve after more waxes later on. Once the table is cleaned completely, you can spray it with a silicone spray that is meant for shuffleboards (other types can damage the surface). Sweep your arm across the table, the goal is to give the table an even coating. Let the spray sit for a couple of minutes and then gently mop up the excess silicone spray using a soft cloth.

4. Waxing the Table: Dust the table evenly with the shuffleboard wax. A light coating is ideal. In order to figure out what works best for you, you can use your pucks to help you determine if you used the proper amount. The goal is to get your pucks sliding freely across the table. If it fails to slide freely then you have too much silicone wax, you will need to wipe away excess.

Best practice for a smooth game is to wipe off the board with a board sweep between matches or games.

When maintaining a shuffleboard table it’s not just about the waxing table but there are other things that need to be considered when making sure that a shuffleboard table is maintained for optimal use and quality.

What do you put on a shuffleboard table? 

In order to decrease friction you add shuffleboard wax (also known as salt, sand, cheese) to the surface of the table. These are small salt like silicone beads that help decrease the friction. Make sure to get shuffleboard wax. Salt, sand, and other materials will not work. 

What is the difference between brown powder and yellow powder? 

The brown powder is generally faster and does not break down in speed as quickly. The base of the brown one is made with crushed nuts. So keep that in mind. 

How Do You Remove Shuffleboard Wax from a Table?

You need a shuffleboard brush in order to sweep the powder from the table. If that is not available you can use a clean and dry towel. It is important to remove used and old shuffleboard wax. 

How do you get shuffleboard wax and powder out of the gully (sides) of the shuffleboard? 

Gutter scoops work very well. Using old credit cards and plastic sheets work very well to get the old powder out.

What happens to a shuffleboard table when there is a drastic change in temperature? 

Extreme changes in temperatures can cause your table to bow or wrap, which will mess with fair game play. So to avoid this, you need to keep a consistent temperature and avoid extreme temperatures and fluxuations. However, if the temperature is a potential problem you can get climatic adjusters for your table.

Related Questions: 

What is the tournament size shuffleboard table? 

Official tournament shuffleboard table size is 22 feet shuffleboard table. These are the largest size.

What the minimal amount of width for your shuffleboard? 

Your shuffle board should be no less than 18 inches wide. Anything thinner than that will not be good play even if you use pucks smaller than the standard at 2.25”. Too small creates a jam of your pucks and bad game play. When picking a board make sure that you get 20” wide minimum tale and 3” thick board. 

How much does shuffleboard puck weigh? 

Shuffleboard pucks can vary in size, but full size pucks weigh between 11.5 to 15 ounces. 

What is the surface of a shuffleboard table made of? 

Shuffleboards table surfaces can be made of multiple surfaces. They are smooth and shiny playing fields made of a variety of durable woods. The surface needs to be durable because tables are often damaged by dropped pucks and high impact during the game. Some popular and common surfaces are Poplar, North american Maple Wood, White Maple, Russian Birch, Soft Maples, and Canadian soft maples. If you are looking for the best then maple, birch, oak, and mahogany are the way to go. A solid hardwood surface is best because they are most resilient when getting dent, dings, and other accidental damage.

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