How to Start Your Own Foosball League

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Playing foosball with friends and family can be great but meeting new people in a fun and competitive environment can be even better! Foosball tournaments are a great way to bring a community together but finding other local tournaments can be difficult. Why not organize your own? Here are a couple things you need to consider.

Foosball League Venue

If you’re organizing a game night that will include just a couple of friends you know you could probably just host a party at your house. However, if you plan on making a big event out of the whole night that involves anyone who wants to come you’ll need to find a place that you can rent out for a couple of hours.

This can be anywhere but it would help with advertising and equipment if it were hosted in a place that’s known for having foosball like a bar or an arcade. A place where people go to play the game in small groups. This could be spendy but you could charge entry fees and make a deal with the venue owner to give them partial proceeds.

Foosball League Equipment

In order to hold a large foosball tournament you’re going to need more than one foosball table. There might be places where you can rent game tables and if you’re at a venue that already has a foosball table that could help.

Asking a couple of friends and family members to donate theirs for the night or if they know anybody who has one can’t hurt. This will probably be one of the hardest parts of organizing a tournament not only because you need to find tables but also transporting them to the venue and then transporting them back to the owner.

Foosball League Prizes

What’s the point of participating in a tournament if there’s nothing you can win? This will most likely drag a couple more people to your event if you say that they could potentially get something out of it.

This is another expense you need to keep in mind. A good prize (gift cards or real money are the safest) usually costs at least $100 for the winning person. You can have prizes for the people that placed closest to the first person and even have participation prizes if you want to go all out.

Foosball League Advertising

Modern day advertising can be very cheap. There are social networking sites that you can use to make pages for your events which doesn’t cost anything and is very effective. Coffee shops and other businesses usually have post boards that people tack up their business cards to or events they’re organizing.

If you plan on making this an annual event you could even sell t-shirts people can wear to show they attended the event on a particular year. This would also be a good source of income to make up for the venue, equipment, and prize expenses.

Foosball League Rules

Foosball can get heated and aggressive quickly especially when it’s strangers that are playing against each other. While you work on advertising it’s good to advertise the rules your tournament will be following as well.

If you want to be safe about it it’s a good idea to recruit a couple of referees for each foosball table. This way the players will have a middle man that can make decisions instead of arguing over who gets the point and potentially starting a fight.

Foosball League Brackets

You need a way to weed out the best foosball player so you’ll need to set up the pairs that will play against each other and where the winner will go once they’ve advanced. If the event ends up being a hit in the community and there is an abundance of people you might want to separate the people in their appropriate skill level.

In order to do this you’ll need to set a date when people can no longer sign up. This will give you enough time to make the brackets and if you’ll need amatuer, intermediate, and professional tournaments to be at different times.

Foosball League Refreshments

Tournaments are a competitive setting but people still want to have a good time. Providing food, drinks, music, and more can make people feel comfortable in a public setting. Playing foosball can also use up a lot of energy so it’s good to keep the players in good condition.

This is another opportunity to make a little more extra cash. If a large pizza cut into 8 pieces averages $10, selling a slice at $2 each would make a $6 profit per pizza. Venues that sell slices of pizza typically sell them for $5 a slice but you’ll sell way more if you sell them for cheaper.

Your Own Spin

There are a lot of different things you can do to make your foosball tournament more popular but most of them require a larger supply of money. Live music is always something that will drag more people to an event. Local artists can charge a smaller fee then more popular artists and attract more local people.

If money isn’t an issue for you, you could even turn it into a charity event. This can bring a ton of different people to your tournament but it might drown out the foosball hype if people show up for other reasons then foosball.

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Other Foosball Tournaments:

If you don’t want to go through all the work of organizing your own foosball tournament you can always travel to an area that has them. Larger cities are more likely to have them then smaller towns but you can find them advertised on the internet.

If you’re just looking for some new people to play foosball with you could always find a foosball club or start your own. These are actually very popular but you’re more likely to find clubs that play all the table games. Either way who doesn’t enjoy a game of foos? It isn’t hard to find more people to play with.

How to Get Good at Foosball:

There are many different kinds of strategies that you can look up and try out on your foosball table. If you don’t have anyone that plays at the same level of skill as you it can be difficult to get better but it’s not impossible.There’s a number of drills that you can practice to improve your defense, passing to other players, and making shots.

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