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How to Play Bubble Hockey

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In the small town my grandparents live in they have one restaurant that has a coin operated bubble hockey table for their customers to use. I’ve never played bubble hockey before and I was curious so I decided to do a bit of research.

How to Play

Bubble hockey is played with two different teams. Each team can consist of 1 of 2 people on either side. There are a total of 5 rods for each team so if you’re playing with 2 people per team one person would be in charge of the defense while the other person is in charge of the offense players.

A game consists of 3 different periods that are 90 seconds long. The goal of each period is to make as many goals as you can in order to be the winner of that period. There are no ties in bubble hockey. If by the end of the 3rd period the teams are still tied then the period will be extended until one of the players makes a goal.


Other than knowing how to play the game you also need to understand the rules of bubble hockey. Here are a couple of the basics you need to know.

  • A game starts off with a coin flip. The winner of the coin flip will be the one to decide which team they want to play with.
  • Players are not allowed to control more than 3 hockey players at a time. This is usually done by moving one rod with your thumb and another with your pinky. This is good when using your defense but you can’t spin the rods the way and it isn’t effective.
  • There will be no tilting during a game unless absolutely necessary. If a player tilts the table in any way to get an advantage then they will be penalized. If the puck is in a dead zone where none of the hockey players are able to reach the puck then the players can tilt it.
  • If one hockey player has kept the puck for a long period of time (determined by the scorekeeper) then they shall count down to 5 seconds warning the player to make a move. If they still haven’t hit the puck the they will be given a goal penalty.
  • Spinning the rods wildly is considered a distraction during the game. If done frivolously, they will be issued a penalty. Any other form of distraction will also be penalized.
  • For a point to be scored the puck must fall down the goal shoot and be registered by the computer. If the puck bounces back out of the goal then the point does not count.


If you plan on playing a lot of bubble hockey you can get good by using bubble hockey strategy. There are a lot of tips used by skilled bubble hockey players that you can also use in order to better your game play.

The first thing you should always try to do is to keep your shots quick. You want to make it hard for your opponent to follow where the puck is going to be so that they can’t block it. Practice making accurate shots, otherwise these quick shots will be pointless.

Not only is spinning the rods illegal but it doesn’t do much for you either. Just like in foosball, spinning the rods requires no skill and your puck will go all over the place potentially even into your own goal. It’s best to make calculated shots.

Another thing is to always be playing with your defense. If the puck is in a different area of the rink then you should position your players in a way that will catch the puck if your opponent tries to make a goal. It’s good to try and keep your goalie in control as well if you have an extra hand.

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There are a ton of bubble hockey tournaments that are held. They are usually held in communities and aren’t official but they are still a great way to meet new people and play a fun game.

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There are a lot of differently designed bubble hockey tables. If you work with the manufacturer of the bubble hockey table they would most likely be able to design the parts how you want them. There are certain parts you can buy separately that are easily customizable such as the hockey players.

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