How Much Room Do You Need for a Foosball Table?

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I remember growing up, our grandparents had a foosball table in their basement. I’ve decided to get one of my own because I miss playing it with friends and family. The problem is is that I don’t know how much room I’ll need for both the table and the players. I decided to do a little research.

To have an adequate amount of room to play foosball you should have about 4 feet of space on the longer sides of the table. Because you don’t really interact with the shorter sides of the table you can have as much space and you feel would be comfortable.

A full sized foosball table is about 5 feet in length, 2.5 feet in width, and 3 feet tall. You can buy foosball tables that are both longer and shorter than this size. They will all be about the same width however because they all use the same type of bars. 

If you are going to get a regulation sized foosball table then you should make sure that the room is about 10 feet by 5 feet. Anything smaller will make playing correctly very difficult. Other than room to play you should consider a couple of other things.

If you plan on having anything else in the same room as your foosball table you should take these things into account. Chairs, shelves, and space for spectators should be out of the way of the bars. Potential damages could occur if a bar is pulled back to quickly.

One thing that could save you space is by purchasing a table that has a side ball return. This means that the ball comes out on the longer side rather than the shorter side. If your table has this feature it means you can push the table against the wall and save some space.

Types of Foosball Tables

When you’re considering the space needed to fit your foosball tables, the type of foosball table you purchase can also make a difference. Foosball tables vary from country to country but some types of tables can take up more space than others.

The first type of table is your standard foosball table. This is the typical table you can find just about anywhere that sells game tables. Like previously stated above they are going to be 5 feet long and 2.5 feet wide. If all you are looking for is your typical foosball table then this is going to be it.

What you can also get is a combination game table. These are tables that you can play multiple games with and are very popular because you don’t have to make room for all the game tables and you don’t have to pay for them. A lot of the times these tables are designed as table top games which would save you even more room.

Another type of foosball table is the coin operated foosball table. If you’re looking for one of these you probably own an arcade or a bar but some people enjoy the aesthetics of a coin operated table. Keep in mind that these tables are going to be super heavy and a little more expensive because of all the extra components built into the table.

Other Considerations

Besides the space needed for your foosball table there are a couple of other things you should consider when purchasing your foosball table.

There are actually many different styles of foosball tables because different countries have made their own variations over the years. The differences can be in the player positions, flat or raised surfaces, types of materials used, and much more. If you’re shopping in America you’ll probably only find the American-style foosball table but if you’d prefer a different style you can order them online.

Another thing to consider is the quality of the foosball players. Most people who want to purchase a cheaper table end up replacing the players. Poor quality players lack a textured toe, a counter weight, and other features.

The rods of your foosball table can also make a difference. You want your rods as lightweight as possible without taking away their durability. This allows you to easily slide the rods and put less friction between the rod and the table. A good rod will be made out of chrome and will be hollow inside. Some manufacturers like to save money by using cheaper materials and eliminating the process of hollowing out the rods.

Overall, the type of materials used for your foosball table are going to make a big difference in the quality. The best quality tables are going to have a frame made of a solid wood. Cheaper tables are often made out of a thin particle wood that easily dings and easily damaged.

Other than the actual table you need to consider who all is going to be using the table. This can be very self explanatory. If you’re planning on buying a table for children then a cheaper model is the way to go. If this is for someone who is serious about their foosball then there are some high quality tables for you to pick from.

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Should a Foosball Table be Level?

A level foosball table is necessary to keep the game fair. If it is not level, then the player on the higher side will have an advantage over the player that is on the lower side. However, some foreign-styled tables purposely make the surface of the table sloped on both sides so players need to focus on ball control and strategy.

Is Foosball Considered a Sport?

Foosball is considered a sport. There are official rules used in official foosball tournaments. These tournaments are held all over the world and can vary because of differences in other countries foosball tables.

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