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Foosball is a game that can get very aggressive fast. Often in the heat of the moment players don’t take care not to damage the foosball table. It’s not the end of the world if this does happen. There is a large variety of repair parts that you can buy to fix broken pieces or just to improve your game play.


Rods are a very essential part to the game of foosball. They’re very durable pieces of metal so their not likely to get damaged but if they do you shouldn’t have a problem finding replacement parts. The problem is finding the right ones.

Like any business, game table manufacturers are always looking for ways to decrease their expenses. Places that manufacture foosball rods sometimes like to make them shorter, make them out of heavier metals, or they don’t hollow out the center.

A rod is supposed to be made out of a light-weight chrome metal to allow for easier movement. Companies like to use other kinds of cheaper, heavier metals that make for sluggish movement. Hollowing out the center of the rod takes away even more weight but takes more time for the manufacturers to do.

Some of them put black caps on the end of the rods to hide if they are hollow or not. These caps can also help prevent a hard impact between a player and the end of the metal rod. Rods are an expensive part to replace so you want to get your money's worth and pick the right one.

Here is a good set of foosball replacement rods. These rods are hollow and made from a lightweight chrome material for easy movement and they also have holes in the poles through the poles to allow the use of pins instead of bolts. 

Bearings and Bumpers

Bearings are the plastic pieces inside of the rod holes. These pieces lessen the amount of friction between the table and the rod making for better movement. These can also be made with rough, cheaper material but it can be hard to tell if they’re good quality so ask a professional which they would recommend.

Bumpers are the rubber pieces on the rods that help prevent the players from smacking against the wall and causing damage. They are placed between the table and the outside players. Make sure you buy a rubber bumper and not a spring bumper. Bumpers that are made of springs are very cheap and don’t protect the table as much.

Here is a set of extra rubber bumpers manufactured by Tornado. Tornado makes high performing, high quality products that won’t wear down as bad as spring bumpers or cheaper rubber bumpers. 


Because of the bumpers on the rods your handles can’t be slammed into the side of the table so their most likely not going to be damaged during game play. However, different handles give better grip than other handles so you might feel the need to replace your old ones.

Professional players like to play with wooden handles rather than your traditional plastic ones. For the best grip, these handles shouldn’t have any stain or any other slick finish that could cause you to lose your grip.

This is an official Tornado replacement handle. Its non-stained, non-finished wood makes for an easy grip and durability. 

Players and Pins

Foosball players can easily be damaged over time especially if you use a harder ball during game play. However, as you can expect not all foosball players are designed the same and it’s important to get the right kind.

Traditional foosball players have rounded toes. This prevents you from performing shots that need to be moved at an angle like bank shots. It also makes it hard for you to pass to players on the same rod so you want to look for players with pointed toes.

Another important aspect of a foosball player is the engraved pattern on the toe. This helps to stop fast moving balls and pin them between the player and the toe. The best design is a cross-hatching design but you can also buy ones with straight lines.

The pins in foosball are the best alternative to hold your players to the rods. These pins go through the top of the player and through a hole in the rod. Cheaper tables use bolts to hold the players in which can slow down your rod movement and often come loose.

If you’re looking to just replace a couple of your players here’s a set of 6 players that also come with their own replacement pins. They are balanced and have a cross-hatched toe texture.


Foosball balls don’t just vary from good quality to bad quality. There are actually a couple different types of balls depending on what kind of game play and strategy you want to use. The four types of foosball balls are textured, cork, traditional, and smooth.

  • Textured balls are the preferred ball in professional American foosball. The density of this ball makes for a fast-paced game that Americans enjoy. It’s textured so that it’s easier to control the ball and pin it in the middle of play.

  • Cork balls are in fact made out of cork. This ball is preferred in professional European foosball because it is a less dense ball that can be easily pinned and passed. It doesn’t go very fast but is great when you want to focus on winning using strategy rather than speed.

  • Traditional balls are usually the balls that come with the table. Most are in the shape of a soccer ball with engraved lines that cause the ball to move unpredictably. They’re made out of a cheap plastic with a smooth cover which prevents good grip. This is the least preferred ball to use.

  • Smooth balls are the second least preferred ball to use because the smoothness prevents good grip. It doesn’t have the the etched lines in it which allows better movement and is a little denser than the traditional balls.

If you would like to try out these different types of balls here is a pack of 11 balls that include textured, cork, traditional, and smooth balls. They vary in density and the amount of texture provided.

Where You Can Get Spare Parts

Most spare parts can be purchased at places where you can buy a game table. These places also have foosball-educated retail workers that can help you choose the best quality parts and order other parts that they don’t have in stock.

If you’re not finding what you need at any store you can look online for the manufacturer’s website. They will more than likely have the extra parts that you want for your foosball table.

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Which Companies Make The Best Quality Foosball Tables?

If you’re looking to buy a foosball table that includes the best quality parts the most recommended tables are Dynamo or Tornado. Of course these tables are probably going to be the most expensive but if you’re buying for quality these ones are the way to go.

What Are Some Foosball Accessories?

There are quite a few foosball accessories that you can get. Light fixtures above any game table help visually but they can also give your game room an aesthetic arcade look. There are of course varieties that you can choose from depending on what look you want.

Drink holders are another good thing to invest in. Often times people place their drinks on the rim of the table causing accidental spills and damaging the table. Drink holders are attached to the side of the table for safer access.

Other things include a score keeper or different balls you can use. You can typically find all of these things online or even in stores that specifically sell game tables.

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