Foosball Table Lighting Considerations

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There are many reasons why the owner of a foosball table would want lighting for their game play whether it’s to make everything easier to see or to create the typical game room aesthetic look. However, if you pick the wrong light for your table it could make playing the game exponentially more difficult. Here are some things to consider.


Range is a very important consideration when hanging your light fixture. If you hang the lights too low then there will be shadows that can make things harder to see. If you hang the lights too high the light isn’t going to reach as far or the light might be too dim.

A good way to determine how low your light should hang is by using what is called the height rule. Typically, the bottom of your light should be at the average height of a person’s nose. If there’s still a glare or too much shadow you can continue to adjust it.

Most light fixtures that are made specifically for game tables come with a recommended height when you buy them. Different game tables have different problems with shadow and glare depending on their game surfaces or the different components included on the table.


It can be hard to get the perfect lighting for your game table. Foosball table lighting can be especially hard because of the material of the game surface. Pool tables have a felt top so you don’t get glare from the light but a foosball table can have a smooth and shiny top.

Most light fixtures have a recommended light bulb they want you to use but you can use whichever bulb you’d like to use. If a 60 watt bulb gives too much glare then you can trade it out for a 40-watt light bulb or vise versa. If you can’t find a happy medium you can always try a multiple bulb light fixture with lower watt bulbs.


Style really depends on what you want your light fixture to look like and what will work with the other aspects of your light. When you think about the style of your light you want to think about the rest of the area you keep your table in.

A couple of styles that you can consider are antique, modern, sports, or a classic look. If you’re looking for an old fashioned bar room look you might want an antique fixture. If your game room has a bunch of sports memorabilia you could choose a sportsy fixture.

A classic foosball lighting system is a long light connected to a bar attached to the foosball table. Most people go with this but you can have a hanging light fixture as well. Some people even choose to have multiple hanging lights above their tables.

Room Considerations

Style is one thing to consider when you want to keep a similar feel throughout the room. Another thing you should remember is that different light bulbs have different colors of lighting. Different shades of light can bring out different colors in a room that you might not want.

Some people choose to have a brighter color on top of their game tables. If your foosball table is going to be the main attraction of the room you can ‘spotlight’ it by using a light bulb that is brighter than the rest of the lights in the room.

LED Lights

LED lights add a futuristic look to any game table. A new trend is attaching LED strips to the inside and outside of your game tables. For a foosball table this not only ads for a retro feel but LED light are a great choice for perfect lighting.

Because the lights are on the inside edges of the game table they don’t create as many shadows as having a light fixture above the table. You can even play a game of foosball in the dark if you have a glow-in-the-dark ball to go with it!

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