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My brother an I had a disagreement over the foosball the other day. He was going nuts with spinning the rods on the foosball table. I knew that spinning is not allowed but I was not sure why that was the case. I looked into it and found out quite a lot about spinning and also foosball rules. 

So is spinning allowed in foosball? 

No, spinning is not allowed in official foosball games. 

Foosball is all about a game that tests the player's ability to control the rods and the players and the balls. It's important to understand why spinning is illegal in order to better understand what's the best way to play and practice foosball.

What qualifies as a spin? 

A spin is a 360 rotation without touching a ball. The foosball has to be touched by a man before the ball goes into a goal for legal goal to occur. 

Does spinning in Foosball give players an advantage? 

Foosball players often end up spinning the rods because they think it gives them a huge advantage since the players are out of control. But in a game against a skilled player, spinning is a massive disadvantage. Violent spinning also damages your table and risks broken men and rods, not only that it causes balls to fly off the table. 

If you spin half the time your players are not even in the right position to block a shot because they are spinning without control. Spinning only counts on blind luck you have no control over the ball.  Now if you are just playing with friends and family, you can play and spin to your delight. 

if you are trying to master the game of foosball, then spinning will not help you master control or power over the ball. Spinning the ball is just turning the foosball into pinball, a game of chance.

What's the difference between "putting a spin on the ball" and spinning in foosball?

Often people say "putting a spin on the ball" this is NOT the same as the illegal move of spinning the ball. Putting a spin on the ball is legal and encouraged but is not the same as spinning the foosball. Putting a spin on the ball is hitting your ball at an angle so that the ball rotates throughout the shot. It's a way of curving your shots.  

Spinning is the only beginning of foosball. If you ever want to play in an official tournament it is best to learn  some of the more nuanced rules in  foosball. 

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What else is not allowed in foosball? 

  • It's forbidden to block your opponent's rods. 
  • It's forbidden to directly interfere with the table, either through shaking it, raising, tilting it. 
  • Spinning rods, it defeats the point of playing foosball. 
  • Taking the foosball out of the table (except in the case of a dead ball) 

Can I bring my own handles to foosball tournament? 

Yes, players do this. You can bring own handles if it is compatible with the design of the table and will not harm or damage the players or the table. Of course this doesn't mean that you are always able to use them in the tournament depending on the venue. 

How does scoring work in foosball? 

A game is won when one player reaches 5 points. Or if one player has a 3 point lead (3-0).

What can I do if the ball is dead and neither players can reach it? 

In a case where a ball is hit where none of the players can reach it, then a player can reach into the field and the game will be restarted. This is the only case where anyone can reach into the table. You cannot move or lift the table. 

Can I score on myself in foosball? 

Yes. A score counts when a man on the play field hits the ball, it does not matter which man. If you hit the ball and it goes into your own goal, then your opponent gets the score. 


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