Can You Wax an Air Hockey Table

wax an air hockey table
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Many different table games have options to add wax to the surface of your game area to maximize your playing abilities so it made me wonder if you can add wax to an air hockey table. I did some research on the topic to test whether I could add wax to my air hockey table.

So should you wax an air hockey table? No because you would have to clean out all the air holes. Clogged air holes make the table unusable. The puck should never have to touch the surface because it floats on a cushion of air.  

Waxing an air hockey table can actually lead to bigger issues and cause problems for you over time. There are however some alternatives to waxing that can get your air hockey table in shape.

Problems With Waxing an Air Hockey Table

Waxing could make your predicament worse by plugging up the air holes and trapping dirt underneath the surface. If you’re looking to maintain your hockey table’s good shape or make the surface slicker there are some alternatives that I will talk about later.

Continuing to wax your table can cause a dirt buildup or help get more material into the holes of your table. This could potentially cause problems inside of your table as well as a lack of air coming through. People who do use wax use it to make their tables look newer. You don’t necessarily need a smooth surface because the puck doesn’t touch the table.

A couple products to you could use would be polish or other cleaners. These will help to gloss up the surface of the table and give it a mint-condition look. Using products isn’t a simple process so if you need to use anything make sure to continue reading.

How to Clean Wax Out of Your Air Hockey Table

If you are set on waxing your air hockey table however, be careful to clean your table very well first.

When it comes to cleaning the surface of a hockey table, there are a lot of factors and situations you should avoid. Some people use a plain damp cloth to clean the gunk off of their tables and some people go all out with chemical-based cleaning products. Either way works but you need to be careful on the way you use these things.

  • Step 1: Whether you prefer using plain water or a cleaning product the most important factor is to avoid drenching the table in liquids, especially with chemicals. Some of the cheaper tables have wooden surfaces that could easily rot or become soft so wiping your table dry is very important.
  • Step 2: Leftover chemicals could also get stuck in the air holes of the table and plug them up with gunk. Cleaning out the air holes isn’t hard but it is a very time consuming project. Cleaners are better at getting crud off your table but you should wipe the surface off with a warm, damp towel afterward.
  • Step 3: People who do wax their tables typically only do it after a deep cleaning and only use a very small amount to do it. Wax does help protect your table from dings and dents (a very likely thing to happen to an air hockey table) but don’t just use any kind of wax you find. Make sure it’s specifically for the use of hockey tables.

If your goal is to just make your surface more slick there are other products you can use to be on the safe side. Lubricants are a commonly used product if you want a fast-paced game but can cause pucks to fly if too slippery. They usually come in the form of a spray.

How Do You Clean an Air Hockey Table?

  1. Taking a vacuum to the surface of your table will help suck up dust that went down the air holes.
  2.  If you have stains or other things on the surface using small traces of rubbing alcohol on a dry rag should help scrub them off.

It’s not recommended that you use something with a scratchy surface to clean the table because it could scratch it and make it less smooth. 

What You Should Know About Air Hockey Table Surfaces

Air hockey tables are typically made out of plastic because of its durability and its lack of color.

Other cheaper tables are sometimes just laminated material that is glued onto wood. Sometimes air bubbles will form underneath the laminated surfaces if it becomes loose.

These raised areas cause friction between the table and the puck. 

Related Questions:

How Do You Score In Air Hockey?

Air hockey doesn’t have a set of complicated rules. There are two players in a game that each have a mallet that they use to hit the puck into the other person’s goal. Scoring can become difficult in some situations.

Sometimes if the puck is going to fast it will go into the goal and bounce back out. In traditional rules, this doesn’t count as a point because the puck doesn’t fall through the slot. Taking shots while the other person is distracted is a cheap way to winning the game and therefore doesn’t count.

The hit does count if the puck tilts inward while in the goal without going down the slot. If the puck bounces out of the goal, hits the players mallet, and causes it to go into their own goal that also counts.

How Do You Choose The Right Air Hockey Table?

The best air hockey tables don’t cause friction between the table and the puck. That’s what makes the biggest difference in the game. Tables with smooth surfaces that won’t get air bubbles underneath them and won’t be damaged easily are preferred (plastic tops usually).

As I stated before, tables that have laminated tops tend to get air bubbles. You can always get rid of them by popping them and keeping them down with some kind of adhesive. Replacing the top with a plastic cover isn’t too hard of a process either.

How Do Air Hockey Tables Work?

An air hockey table is just a table that has tiny holes in its surface. Underneath the surface of the table are two air fans that push air out of these holes.

This causes the light-weight puck to levitate slightly over the surface of the table helping it to glide easily and move quickly. Tables that you find in arcades and bars typically include a scoreboard.

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