Bubble Hockey Maintenance 101

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I’ve been the owner of a bubble hockey table ever since I got one for my 14th birthday. It’s getting pretty old and I’ve been researching ways that I can keep it in the best of shape. If you’re also an owner and want your table to last as long as possible here are a couple of tips

How to clean a bubble hockey table

To keep anything in good shape the #1 thing anyone can do is to clean. With items that have mechanical moving parts and require electricity you have to be extra careful. Bubble hockey games have a tendency to get dusty especially inside of the bubble.

Outside of game table. The outside of any game table can get damaged and dirty. Novus 2 is used for many other arcade games and can be used on a bubble hockey table to give it a good clean and take care of shallow scratches. There aren’t any product that you can use to take care of deep scratches so most people do what is called ‘flaming’ which is a way to melt gashes in plastic surfaces.

Inside of Bubble. The inside of the bubble gets very dusty as well. Most people use pledge or some other mild cleaner to get the dust off which also acts as a lubricant. You can get better access to the whole board if you remove the players and the goals. They should be able to just be lifted off of the surface. The goalies have a pin that needs to be detached before you lift them out.

Bubble. The bubble itself is fragile and needs a specific Lexin cleaner made for plastics. Once you have removed the bubble it should be easy to get the inside as well as the outside of it. Make sure to spray the rag that you’re using and not the actual plastic. Scratches in the dome can be erased using a special Lexin remover that won’t damage it.

Goal ramps and puck shoot. Cleaning the goal ramps and the puck shoot is also important. Dirt buildup can slow down the movement of the puck and effect the inner workings of the table. This goes for any of the mechanisms inside including in the gearbox. Cleaning the tracks the players are on also helps them to move easier.

Simply cleaning the dirt out and off of the table should be enough to help everything move and work correctly. None of the parts of the table need to be lubricated. In fact, this could severely damage some of the parts or make surfaces oily and gross.

Bubble hockey Replacement Parts

There are a ton of parts included in a bubble hockey table that you will probably end up having to replace especially if it’s an older table. Your table should have came with a manual which will specify better how to conduct the repairs. You can find these parts on the websites of the bubble hockey manufacturers.

  • Bubble Hockey Ejector: One of the most important parts of the table is the ejector. This part helps fling the puck back onto the rink once its gone into a goal. It’s one of the most frequently replaced parts and you can tell that it’s not working properly when it fails to eject the puck or it ejects it incorrectly.
  • Bubble Hockey Sensors: The goals have a lot of parts that help them to operate correctly. Sensors help detect when the puck passes into the puck shoot. You can test them by passing the puck over. Before you decide to replace them if they don’t work unplug them and plug them back in. That works for almost anything.
  • Bubble Hockey Rods: Another important part are the rods. There are a ton of different rods in the table that help everything move how they’re supposed to but they can become cracked or have pieces gouged out of them. They will need to be replaced if damaged.
  • Pucks and Players: Many of the parts need replacing because they get worn out from excessive use. This includes the pucks and the players. There are washers underneath each player to help keep them in their gear boxes. These get worn down fast and lost easily. Frequently, washers get stuck in the gear boxes and cause damage to the moving parts inside of it.
  • Electronics parts: Other parts that get damaged from excessive use include the scoreboard, the sound effects, and other interactive pieces included with your table. You can’t do much to fix these unless you’re a tech savvy person. Replacements can be found online.

Related Questions:

What Are Some Bubble Hockey Manufacturers?

The original bubble hockey creators are still the most popular manufacturers of bubble hockey. ICE or Super Chexx decided to make the bubble hockey table after the Miracle on Ice game at the winter Olympics of 1980. They came up with the coin-operated table and sold over 5,000 tables on their first year.

Carrom is a 100 year old company that specializes in products for families rather than professional tables. They started off making pool tables and eventually added more variety like foosball, shuffleboard and air/bubble hockey.

Shelti started in 2001 as a professional pool table manufacturer and then broadened to include other table games. The CEO that started it was the former CEO of Dynamo, a large manufacturer of air hockey tables. The company was later bought out by a former air hockey champion.

How Much Does Bubble Hockey Cost?

Different brands of bubble hockey are priced differently. They have a price range of $1,000-$3,500. These prices will differ depending on if you buy your table new or old. Here are some of the brands and what they typically charge.

  • Super Chexx Pro: These bubble hockey tables range from $2,695- $3,195. They are the most pricey tables but they also have spare parts readily available and are durable compared to the others. Older models of Super Chexx will be harder to take care of because they don’t make the parts for it anymore​.
  • Carrom: Carrom bubble hockey tables range from $1,172-$1,529 and is the second most popular brand. They don’t have a lot of their parts available and most of the time you’ll have to look for older parts if they need replacing.
  • Shelti: Shelti tables range from $1,149-$1,699. Because they are no longer a company you will have to look for old parts online. A lot of the options you have with Super Chexx (customized scoreboard, customized players, etc) you can’t have with Shelti and other companies because they use different parts.

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