Air Hockey Replacement Parts to Make Your Own Repairs

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Air hockey pucks and mallets are easy parts to replace for an air hockey table. However, because air hockey tables are one of the only game tables that require electricity there are a lot of parts required to make it work. We’ll be going over which parts are frequently replaced and the best way to replace them.

Air Hockey Table Fans

A lot of these parts are going to have to be ordered from either a specific game table retailer or a online manufacturer and for fans you might have to do that. It all depends on the type of table you have. Cheaper tables have less-specialized fans so those shouldn’t be hard to replace. Professional tables could be a different ball game.

Fans aren’t very complicated to take out and replace. Most of the cheap plastic tables you can just flip upside down without taking off the surface. Professional tables you’re going to have to take off the top edges of the table and then unscrew the table surface.

Once you have the surface off you should have direct access to the fans. All that you have left to do is unscrew the old ones from the bottom of the table and put in the new ones. Tables can differ depending on the brand so ask around at a game table retailer if you have additional questions.

Air Hockey Table Surface

Air hockey can be a gruff game. A lot of table surfaces get damaged from pucks and play during the game but also from accidents outside of the game. Sometimes table owner just want to switch things up with a new and improved table top.

Whatever the reason, you’re going to need to find out how you’re going to get a new table surface. Start off with a game table retailer and see if they can order a new one for you. They can also help you figure out what you need depending on your tables brand. Online manufacturers sell replacement table surfaces if you already know what you want.

Buying the top is the hardest part. All that you need to do to replace it is start by unscrewing the ledges around the surface of the table. Once those are off you should just have to undo the screws around the edges of the old table top and replace it with the new one.

Air Hockey Table Scoreboards and Score Sensor

A lot of people don’t use scoreboards but they can give a table a more authentic look. Scoreboards aren’t as hard to get as other replacement parts but they are a bit more difficult to instal then the others.

When you buy a new scoreboard it come with two sensors for each of you goals. If you have a table with poles you set the scoreboard in above your table then the sensors will most likely go to the goal area through the poles. If you have a scoreboard that fits on the side rim of the table then there should be a hole you set it on for the sensors to go through the table and to the goals.

Sensors differ on whether they are motion detected or if they detect physical contact. Depending on how they work is going to tell you how to instal your new sensor. When you buy the whole scoreboard it should have directions on how they want you to instal it.

Related Questions:

Can You Catch The Puck in Air Hockey?

According to the official rules of air hockey it is illegal to stop the puck by placing anything on top of it. ‘Topping’ refers to specifically placing your mallet on top of the puck which is illegal. The mallet should keep full contact with the air hockey table surface at all times.

In the same way you cannot stop the puck by using your hand, arm, or anything else. ‘Palming’ refers to when a player’s wrist or palm is too close to the playing surface and stops or deflects the puck when they get too close.

Is Air Hockey a Sport?

Air hockey is actually an official sport. Organizations hold air hockey tournaments both inside and outside of the U.S. Anyone can join an air hockey tournament. For new players, you must go through a tryout period where the weed out all the amateur players so if you’re thinking about it make sure you give yourself enough time.

Air hockey tournaments are friendly and community-like competitions. Once a player loses they have the opportunity to continue playing with the people who lost in the same round as they did. This allows them to play with people of their own skill level and help them learn more about the sport.

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