9 Must Have Bubble Hockey Accessories

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Bubble hockey is a game that’s known for its extra features. The sound effects of the hockey players, the boo buttons, and the light shows. The game is already full of extra abilities but there are a few other products that you can get to jazz it up a little more.

Bubble Hockey Scoreboard

A scoreboard isn’t required to play any game but if you don’t have a scoreboard for bubble hockey you’re missing out on a couple features. Scoreboards can always be convenient to have but bubble hockey scoreboards include features like ‘boos’ and cheers from an invisible crowd.

Different brands of bubble hockey games can require different parts but you can really use any scoring system as long as they have sensors. Typically a bubble hockey scoreboard is attached to the top of the ‘bubble’ so if you can’t get a bubble hockey specific scoreboard you might need an attachment.

This is a scoreboard that can be used for any game. The settings can easily be changed to make the time go off after 90 seconds with 3 periods a game. It comes with a remote control to adjust to these requirements and built in speakers for the sound effects. 


Bubble Hockey Player Accessories

Have a favorite team? Maybe you want to fit your players with more authentic gear. You can paint your hockey players yourself or have new players customized. A lot of people get new players that represent their favorite players and their least favorite players.

Another thing you can do is get your players some new gear. Game retailer sites have different helmets and clothes you can use to customize your players with. You can customize a lot of the other parts of a bubble hockey table as well.

Here is a set of hockey players of a specific team. There are manufacturers of bubble hockey games that are able to customize your players with whatever logo and whatever colors you want your players to have.


Bubble Hockey Pucks

Depending on how old your bubble hockey table is, the kind of puck you buy makes a difference. They also need to be replaced once in a while because the hard rubber surface can get worn out. Gashes in the surface can cause frictions between the puck and the table surface.

The pucks need to have the right dimensions in order to fit through the goal slot and out of the ejector. Often if the puck isn’t being ejected properly it’s the pucks fault. Pucks don’t vary because they have a specific build and a magnet. It’s also a very old game and insignificantly small so there are no customization options.

Because bubble hockey pucks have to be made a specific way and out of durable material there aren’t many variations to the ones you can buy. Here is one that has the metallic inside and the rubber outside all bubble hockey pucks use.


Bubble Hockey Stickers

If you don’t want to pay for a customized board or customized group of players stickers are always a good choice. Stickers are just stickers so you don’t even need to look for bubble hockey specific products which can be hard since it’s an older game.

Stickers can help show more distinctions between the teams by putting logos on their shirt or you can put the home teams insignia in the middle of the playing field. You can spunk up the outside of the stand or make it look like they’re playing at the Olympics.

Here’s a sticker if you’re a fan of the Columbus Blue Jackets. This can go on the outside of your bubble hockey table or even act as a home rink logo for the middle of your rink. There are of course more team options other than this one that you can purchase online.


Bubble Hockey Game Surfaces

Over time the board that you play the game on can get worn out. You can repaint the lines to make them look like their original color. Some people like to customize their game boards with a more modern-looking style.

You can do a lot with a game board. Most people update the home team logo in the middle of the rink to their new favorite team just like they do with the hockey players. You can paint them onto the board or a lot of people just use stickers.

If you want to modify the game surface of your bubble hockey table you’re probably going to have to do it by hand. You can find stencils online to help you paint a logo onto your bubble hockey rink.

Here is a small set of paint that you can use both to touch up the lines and colors of your players and the board. You can also use it to pain the logo of a hockey team in the middle of your rink if you don’t want to use stickers. You can find stencils of hockey teams online to help you do this.


Bubble Hockey Table Lights

If you’re good at working with motherboards or other pieces of technology, the possibilities are endless. One thing some people do is add the use of different lights for different purposes to their game boards.

When a player makes a goal in bubble hockey most of the time there is some sort of show to either congratulate the home team or boo the visiting team. Lights don’t come with an original bubble hockey set but if you’re savvy enough you could add some extra spunk to your set.

This is a power cable with attached lights. If you attach this to a motherboard you can program them to light up at specific times during a game like when a player makes a goal or makes a specific move.


Bubble Hockey Sound Effects

In a regular bubble hockey set there are sound effects built into the game that are programmed for certain purposes. When a player makes a goal the sound of cheers comes out of the set. There are buttons on the side of the table to make ‘booing’ sounds at your opponent.

To make it sound like a real hockey game you can add even more sounds to the game. You could have the sound of the crowd be constant. You could have an announcer's voice add extra detail when a player makes a move.

Here is a soundboard that can be programmed to activate sound at the appropriate time you want it to. You can always reprogram the old motherboard in a bubble hockey set to do more but if you plan on building your own you’ll need a new one with more capabilities.


Bubble Hockey Goals

Bubble Hockey tables that you find in arcades or in rummage sales were probably built 20-30 years ago. They aren’t as popular as they used to be so the ones that you do find usually have cheaper parts or plastic accessories that don’t look as authentic.

If you’re looking to spice up your bubble hockey table one thing you could do is replace your goal with one that looks more real and new. Color can bleed out of parts from excessive use or sun damage. Update your bubble hockey with some brand new pieces.

This is a spare bubble hockey goal that you can buy if your current goal is in rough shape and needs replacing. You can find other goal options on your tables manufacturers website if you don’t like the looks of this one.


Bubble Hockey Television Displays

If you ever go to a hockey game you can see high above in the middle of the rink there’s a huge jumbotron that plays recaps and other things between plays. It also usually doubles as a scoreboard. Why not add one of these to your own bubble hockey rink?

I’ve seen owners of bubble hockey games make their own displays out of electronic picture frames. If you’re a techy person it shouldn’t be too hard for you to figure out. Play pictures and videos of hockey players while you play your own game of hockey.

Here’s a smaller digital picture frame that you could hook up inside of your bubble hockey table. It comes with a remote to change pictures and albums. Customize your own set with its own jumbotron.


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