10 Must Have Shuffleboard Accessories

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If you’re looking to spice up your game room there are a ton of different things you can do especially if you have a shuffleboard. Shuffleboard tables give a classy feel to any room and is a game made for just about anyone. Of course if you want to add a little more there are some accessories that would be perfect for your shuffleboard.

Shuffleboard Pucks

Pucks come in two different regulation sizes; 2 5/16 inches and 2 ⅛ inches in diameter. Typically, if you’re using a shorter table you use the smaller size and the larger size for larger tables. Along with the size the proper weight for a puck is about 12 ounces.

Other than this, pucks don’t vary too much but the differences in quality definitely make a difference. Most pucks are made out of metal with a plastic cap. Some metals they use are cheaper than others so be careful what you purchase.

Here is a set of 8 total shuffleboard pucks that come in both the sizes mentioned above. They’re made out of a strong chrome-plated steel and come with red and blue caps.

Shuffleboard Puck Caps

Puck Caps are used to protect the pucks as well as labeling a players group of pucks with different colors. Because they get the brunt of the damage when colliding with other pucks it’s good to carry a spare set around with you when you go to play a game in case they get damaged.

Caps also allow you to hold a better grip which can give you more puck control overall. If you don’t like the feel of the cap that comes with your puck then you can buy other caps separately that you think would suit better.

Here’s a set of 4 caps that will fit your 2 5/16 inch pucks and come in a wide variety of colors. They have designs around them to help the player get better grip on their pucks.

Shuffleboard Scorekeeper

Shuffleboard scorekeepers can be electronic or physical scorekeepers. Either way there is a large variety of both kinds. Because there isn’t any sensor to attach your electronic scorekeeper to you’ll have to count the points and add them to the scorekeeper yourself or employ a third party to ref and keep track of points.

Physical scorekeepers come in packs of two so that both parties can keep track of both of their points. They attach to either end of the table and can come as the bead-counting kind or a sliding scoreboard.

Here’s a pack of two scorekeepers that are made out of wood and come in different colors to help players distinct their points from their opponents.

Table Powder/ Wax

If you’re an owner of a shuffleboard you will need to buy wax. The wax helps to decrease the friction between the table and the puck. Wax has many different names for it including powder, sand, and cheese because it isn’t necessarily a wax.

Shuffleboard wax is made out of tiny silicone beads and is sometimes mixed with other things to keep it on the table like cornstarch. Just like in assembly lines, the beads act as ball bearings to slide the pucks across the table.

Here’s a two pack of shuffleboard wax. These bottles have shaker-heads that make application much easier.

Shuffleboard Table Wipe

Shuffleboard wipes or brushes are used to clean off all the wax and dirt from your table. Wipes can vary in quality. Cheaper ones are made with plastics that break easily after being used often or they have rough material that doesn’t gather the wax as good.

A good wipe will be made out of a hard and sturdy wood with a comfortable handle. The best brush for your table should be as long as the width of your table. The bottom of the brush should be made out of a soft felt material.

Here’s a sturdy wooden brush that has a felt-like bottom and a handle that provides an easy grip.

Shuffleboard Table Cover

Table covers are an easy way to make sure that your table stays in the best of shape. Accidents happen all of the time so it’s good to keep it safe. Shuffleboard covers usually come in leather or some other soak-proof material.

Here’s a shuffleboard cover that’s waterproof and has an elastic hem to attach the sides of the table better.

Here’s a cute bowling set that’s completely made out of wood and even comes with the triangle pin setter:

Accessort Bowling Pins

Often times, the rules of shuffleboard can be hard to follow and is often hard to play for younger people. If you have small children that live with you or come to your house often then you might want to invest in this bowling pins attachment.

Because the main strategy to this bowling game is sliding the puck as hard as possible you might also want to purchase a cushioned board guard with this. Pucks can easily fly off the playing surface and bang against the backboard.

Table light

If you enjoy the feeling of playing in a dimly lit room you might want to buy a shuffleboard light to go with your table. Sight is a very important thing when you’re playing shuffleboard and it can be harder to make out the pucks at the end of the table for the longer tables.

For longer tables you might want to buy more than one light to attach to your table. Because they can get to be quite long the range of one light might not be enough to cover the whole table.

Here’s a shuffleboard table light that you can attach to the flat side of the cradle of your table.

Drink holder

It’s always a bummer when someone spills their drink on your stuff. Often times when there isn’t a table around anywhere people who don’t know better put their drinks on top of the game table that they’re playing on.

This can cause water spots on your table and potential liquid contamination on the wood of your table. You can avoid all of it if you purchase a drink hold for your shuffleboard. Most of them easily attach to the side of your table.

Here’s a drink holder that’s made out of solid wood and attaches to your shuffleboards table rail.

Hand Talc

Often times, condensation from you beer or even just hand sweat can cause you to lose your grip on your shuffleboard puck. One thing that you can do to fix this is to buy yourself some hand talc.

Talc is used in all kinds of sports to get a better grip. Some of them have an odor of baby powder or have other unwanted features but there is a wide range of products to choose from that avoid things like that.

Here’s talc that comes in a shaker bottle and doesn’t have a scent. It’s meant for pool players but it will work just as well for shuffleboard players.

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