10 Must Have Pool Table Accessories

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If you've invested in a pool table, be sure you grab at least these ten accessories to help you get the most out of your investment and to make sure you enjoy your pool table to the fullest.

If you think we missed any, please let us know in the comments below!

Pool Cues

A cue in the game of pool is a stick that you use to hit a ball with, usually the cue ball. Most of the time these cues are made out of a hard maple wood with a fiberglass phenolic resin on the cue tip.

Cues can be solid pieces of wood or two pieces of wood screwed together for cues kept in homes. This makes for easier transportation. Bar cues are usually designed plainly but cues can be etched or painted with different designs. Often times they are custom made and made with different materials

This site has a large collection of cues to chose from Rec Room Hideout

Pool Table Brushes

Brushes are used to get rid of the chalk people use on their pool cues. A lot of the times if you don’t brush the chalk off of the felt surface of your pool table the chalk will get soaked in under the felt which will make it even more difficult to get out.

If you use a lot of chalk it’s good to brush off your table after every pool session. When you do this avoid brushing in circles. Brush either from one end of the table to the other or brush into the pockets . Softer Bristles will help to not wear out the felt so bad.

This is a brush set that comes with one long brush, a small brush for tight spots, and a cue shaft slicker. A cue shaft slicker is used to wipe the dirt and the extra chalk from your pool stick so that it stays smooth for a longer period of time.

Billiards Table Brush

Pool Cue Racks/ Cases

Cue racks can come in a ton of different designs and be hung up on a wall or kept as a stand on the floor. Most of these racks also have an area to store the billiard balls, the cue chalk, the billiard rack, and other things. These racks can be customized with your favorite sports teams and other designs you’d like on them.

Cue cases help to transport your cues with you. For these cases you’ll more than likely need to buy a cue that can be separated into two pieces. Cases for cues that don’t separate are hard to find because they can get to be too long. Cases come with pockets for a players chalk and other pool table necessities.

You can find some sites with a large collection of cue racks and cases online such as This One.

Bridge Heads

Bridge head are attachments for pool cues that help you aim your shot better. Without a bridge head players use their hands but because they’re trying to hit the ball at the same time it can cause their hands to jolt and lose position.

Bridge heads can be attached to sticks that help to position the head where you want it. They can also be by themselves as a little shelf to set your cue on. They come in a ton of different designs to account for differently shapes cue heads.

Here is a bridge head that allows for different positions you can put your cue stick in if you want to put spin on a ball. This bridge head also has an attachment on the back if you want to use a stick to hold it up. Its chrome material helps to keep it in good shape.

Pool Table Covers

Pool tables are one of the most expensive game tables out there so when you invest a large sum of money into one you probably want to take care of it. A pool table cover can help you maintain your table in good condition.

The felt on your pool table can be very sensitive and expensive to replace. Direct sunlight can be damaging along with all of your obvious dangers like drink spills and pets. These covers come in a variety of soak-proof material and a variety of sizes to work best with your pool table.

Here’s a pool table cover that can come in different sizes to best protect your pool table. It’s made of a very durable and heavy material to save your table top from many different substances. Other than brown it also comes in green and gray.

Pool Cue Chalk

If your pool cue has been used well over the past years then your tip might be worn and smoothed down. Chalk is used to create friction between the ball and the cue so that your cue doesn’t slide off of the ball (called a miscue).Putting some chalk on your cue can help when you want to make a shot that requires extra spin.

Putting a lot of chalk on your cue can’t really cause you to make bad shots. The only downside to putting chalk on your cue is the damage it can put on the felt surface. This is why we use the brush. You can minimize the damage by simply blowing the extra dust off or by tapping it against the table.

This blue chalk is useful in finding leftover chalk on the surface of your pool table. There are other colors of chalk but blue is the most used because you can easily spot it. The indent on top of the block helps to evenly coat your pool stick tip for the most accurate shots.

Game Lights

Lights give your game room that classic bar room feel as well as help make the billiards balls more visual. There are a ton of different styles of pool table lights that you can choose from. You can go for a more antique, themed, modern look as well as decide if you want multiple fixtures or one long one.

Durability is an important thing. People’s heads can get hurt from these fixtures or they can accidentally get hit by the pool cues. Making sure that the light is at the right distance away from the table will help this. There’s a height rule that states that the bottom of the light should be at the same level of the average height of a person’s nose.

This “steampunk” themed pool table light can give your game room an antique feel. Because of its length your pool table will be evenly lit up with little to no shadow. This light fixture is compatible with a couple different light bulbs including dimmable light bulbs.

Pool Ball Racks

Ball racks are the molds you set your billiard balls in at the beginning of a game. These molds are typically in the shape of a triangle but sometimes are in the shape of a diamond or other things.

Pool ball racks can be made out of different types of material. Traditionally, they’re made out of wood or plastic but you can also purchase ones that are made out of metal and other durable material. Modern ball racks sometimes have cut outs that help keep the balls in a more precise position.

If you’re really in to hunting and you also have a pool table this ball rack is perfect. It’s made out of real deer antlers and is at the regulation size of a triangle pool ball rack. Great for a game room that has a hunting feel to it.

Cue Ball Case

Your cue ball is the ball that you’re going to be hitting the most in the majority of different pool games. It’s important that you keep your cue ball in good shape because a bent out of shape ball can have a lot of negative effects on your game play.

A cue ball case helps prevent wear and tear in between game plays. Good pool players typically have more than one cue ball so that they can trade them out and not overuse one ball. They keep the cue balls they aren’t using in cue ball cases

This cue ball case has a clip attachment that allows you to carry it along with your cue stick case. The inside of this case is made out of a padded material while the outside is made out of strong and durable leather.

Hand Talc

During a game of pool sweaty hands can be a pain to deal with. A good grip on your pool cue is very important in a game and can help to lessen the number of miscues you make. In sports that require a good grip people use talc and the same goes for any game of pool.

A lot of talcs smell like baby powder but here’s a container of talc that’s not scented. It allows for easy movement when hitting the ball and gets rid of sweaty hands. Its shaker head allows for easy application.

Related Questions:

Should You Replace Pool Table Felt?

Pool table felt can often be damaged from excessive use or too much chalk use. If there are only a couple of holes in the felt because of miscues or bouncing balls there are cleaning kits and patch kits you can buy. If you think the whole felt top needs to be replaces you’ll need to take it into a repair shop or if you can figure it out you can do it yourself.

Should You Vacuum Your Pool Table?

Some people choose to vacuum their pool table off instead of using a brush. This is sometimes more effective than brushing but if your suction is too powerful you could easily damage the felt. If you’re going to vacuum off the table make sure to use a low suction and without a brush head. The bristles of a vacuum brush head can be too rough on the felt.

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