10 Foosball Exercises to Improve Your Game

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If you’re tired of constantly losing in the game of foosball there are a couple of things you can do to improve. Most people find other people that can play at their same level but if you can’t find anyone the practicing by yourself will be just fine. Here are a couple of exercising you can practice to better your foosball playing.

Stopping the Ball

Stopping the ball can be a very difficult thing starting off but it’s also necessary to learn before you can do any of these other exercises. Because the ball moves so fast it’s hard to pinpoint where you need to place your player in order to stop it.

To practice moving your rods to the ball you can hit the ball hard at the edge of the table so that it comes back towards you. Tilt your player slightly away from the ball so that the ball gets caught between the table and the toe of your player instead of bouncing off. Shoot the ball at different angles as you do this.


Keeping your opponent distracted is important when you’re trying to find an open window through their players. You can do this by passing the ball very quickly or you can also do what is called circling.

Circling is moving the player in front and behind the ball in a circular motion. The toe of your player should be moving around the ball without touching it until you see an opening in your opponents defense. They’ll be too busy trying to figure out where you plan to hit the ball that they won’t be ready for it when you do.

5-Man Passes

The 5-man rod is arguably one of the most important bars. It’s the rod you’re going to use once the ball has been served and you need to know how to use it if you get ahold of the ball. Passing to players on the same rod is one of the hardest things to learn in foosball but there are some exercises you can do to improve your passing skill.

Because your 5-man rod is facing your opponents 5-man rod you need to know how to be quick to finding an opening. This is where passing comes in handy. The first thing you need to know how to do is pinning the ball between the table and the players toe. This can be difficult because if you don’t have it in the correct spot the ball can slip out from under you.

You can pass to other players by pinning the ball, sliding the ball with the player in the direction of the next player, lifting off the ball and pulling the rod so that the ball is underneath the next players. There are videos online that can help to better show you how to accomplish this.

After you’ve mastered this way the next skill you need to practice is called tic tacking. Instead of pinning the ball you hit the ball with the side of a players toe to pass it to the next one. You can skip over players by tilting them out of the way then moving the rod upright again once the ball reaches the right player.

5-Man Hacks

Hacking is when a player makes a shot from the 5-man rod. Scoring the goal from this far away requires a lot of concentration and luck because you have three defense rods in your way. You’re going to need your passing skills to do this.

The thing that will really help to achieve this the most is by confusing your opponent. To do this you’re going to need to move very fast by passing the ball to different players on the 5-man rod until you spot an opening and shoot. Your shot also needs to be fast so that there’s no time to block the ball.

Opponent Position

Doing any of these exercises isn’t going to be the same as doing them during game play. Sometimes when you’re passing a ball it get in the hitting range of your opponents rod. Lots of times when players pin the ball their opponent is able to reach it and hit it out from underneath them.

Practice works better when you’re playing against someone else but if you can’t find anyone to play with you want to make things as realistic as possible. If you keep the opponent rods in positions that make it easy to hit past them you’re not going to be learning anything. Keep them in upright positions and rearrange them once in a while.

2-Man Long Shots

Performing long shots in foosball can be very difficult but a lot of the times they work. When you hit a ball hard from your 2-man rod you have a lot of space to cover. Your opponent is usually looking for which rod you intend to pass the ball to when in reality you’re aiming straight for the goal.

When you attempt this move you want to move all your other rods in a tilted position so that the ball doesn’t accidentally hit them and stop. You need to do this shortly before you shoot so that your opponent can’t predict what you plan on doing. Practice shifting all of your players out of the way quickly.

3-Man Shots

You have 2 3-man bars but the one I’m referring to is the bar that’s the closest to your opponents goal. This is the bar that you’ll be making most of your shots from so you need to know all your options and how to execute them in the most effective way.

There are a ton of different shots that you can learn how to do. There are pull/push shots, bank shots, the rollover snake shot and many more. While you’re practicing these shots remember to shift your opponents rods in realistic positions and shift them every now and then.

Keep It Fast

I’ve mentioned this a couple of times already but if you plan on becoming THE best speed is essential. Your opponent can only block the ball if they’re able to keep an eye on it and move their players in its direction. This can be very hard when you’re moving the ball too quickly.

The only way that a player can practice getting faster is to get all the moves down. The better you are at passing, making shots, and pinning the faster you’ll be able to do them.

Becoming Unpredictable

Using different moves and mixing things up is a debatable topic. If you’re playing with amateur players you could probably get away with using one move for every shot without worrying about them blocking it.

However, if you plan on playing with more professional players you’re going to need to use different moves and doing them fast so that your opponent can’t figure out what your plan is.


Another thing that players don’t normally think about is their playing stance. This can make a difference in your ability to move quickly to other rods as well as giving yourself better wrist movement.

In foosball, you want to keep closer to your goalie rods and keep your stance slightly open to give your right arm better movement. It also allows you to pull the rods out farther. For quick body movement, keep your knees slightly bent and your torso slightly bent.

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